Friday, December 04, 2015

I got a message from my old friend Laurie Kurilla via LinkedIn.

All LinkedIn goes to spam, but I happened to notice this one before it got deleted. I never login to LinkedIn anymore. I don't care about that site or that kind of networking. It has never been useful to me.

I tried to send an email to Laurie, but all the email addresses in my contacts are out of date, from old jobs.

I know she's on Facebook, but I gave that up over a year ago now.

I don't think she's on Twitter or, more importantly, Github.

So I guess I'll just post here and let her find my reply in it's own good time. What's the hurry anyway?

We're doing fine. In Texas at the moment. What's 'retired' mean? I work until I drop. Hope you are doing well too. Best to all.