Saturday, March 09, 2013

La Crepe et la Lune Restaurante

OMG! two super FTW's today. First, Alicia needed a crown repair and found a totally excellent dentist who did the complete job today for under $70. The woman was very friendly, spoke English and had the latest equipment. Most US dentists would have made this a two appointment job, but she got it done quick and neat.

Second, Alicia has been wanting to try out a little restaurant down the street for some time and we finally made it over to La Crepe et la Lune.

OMG! Did I already say that? The service and food was to die for. Everyone is so accommodating there. Near the end of the meal, Alicia wanted to step outside for a smoke and so they just picked up our coffee's and drinks and moved them outside to one of the outdoor tables. We had drinks, Carpaccio (again, i know, that's twice this week), a Roquefort salad, french onion soup, Dijon chicken with asparagus, tomatoes and mozzarella, an imported rib eye in a wine reduced sauce with a side of some pleasantly spicy spaghetti, an apple strudel crepe with vanilla ice creme and some of the best French roast coffee I've had in a long time. Cost was about 687 pesos (~$54), plus tip.

— with Alicia Shay at La Crepe et la Lune Restaurante.

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