Saturday, February 02, 2013

Fun Flight Stories

Fun flight story/nightmare: the last time I was in Cancun, I spent a week on Cozumel Island and the night before I was supposed to have left, a huge storm blew in. I could see the ferry bobbing like a cork in the harbor from my hotel room a...nd decide to scratch the hour boat trip in favor of a 15 minute flight.

The aircraft was an old, high-wing prop job that seated about 8-10 people, plus the pilot. There were about 5 passengers and they took right off, spiraling up, looking for daylight. The rain was coming through the doors on either side of me and I ended up holding on to the two door handles, hoping to keep them from blowing open.

Up and up we went, for over a half hour, still looking for daylight. The pilot had a manual open on his leg; not a reassuring sight. Finally after 45 minutes of spiraling, we hit sunshine and the pilot dove for the coast and the Cancun airport.

We literally kissed the ground when we landed. I used to marvel at how my parents came back from vacations having made close friends; now I knew, all of the passengers felt very close to each other after our little "fifteen minute" flight.

Still not sure to this day if this was a better choice than the ferry boat.

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