Sunday, May 01, 2011

Videoblogging Week 2011 - Day 1 - Herding Chickens

Good friends @joshleo and @ryanne reminded me that today is the first day of Videoblogging Week 2011 and so here we go.

I thought "what can I do to make a fun video quickly?" The answer was obvious: Chickens.

I often make a yearly video showing the grounds at the Ojai Digital Dojo and so this video is in that spirit. We get a 5 minute tour of the grounds from a rather different perspective. This is a video of me herding the chickens from the garden back to their coop. That's a fair distance and usually good for a few laughs if you find humor in herding things like cats or developers.

Apologies for the lack of stabilization, but I think you'll understand that this is a tough job and it's hard to get the helicopter with the gyro-mounted cam in these tight spots ;)


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