Wednesday, March 03, 2010

Beware of doing business with EarthCare Seeds and Mandy Latchu

I recently ordered some Epazote seeds from Amazon, but they never arrived.  I filled in the feedback form, selecting the "item never arrived" option.  This triggered a less than satisfactory response from the seller.

In a nutshell, they over-charged for shipping, but gave no tracking information. Then they claimed the post office lost it and offered to replace it only if I remove the "negative" feedback. I think that is called "blackmail" in most places, let alone "bad service".  To top it off, they don't even take the time to get my name right or check their spelling. Meh!

Beware of doing business with EarthCare Seeds and Mandy Latchu.

Here is their response:

Dear Marcus,
Thank you for contacting us.
Your order was shipped USPS First Class Mail on February 18, 2014, and should have been with you within 2-4 business days.

We are sincereley sorry your order has not arrived. Sometimes the USPS can be late in delivering mail, and sometimes the USPS have lost the item.

As soon as a customer informs us their order has been delayed in the mail we kindly request them to wait 14 days from the day of shipment to see if the USPS is late with the delivery. If the item has not been delivered after 14 days we issue a full refund for the order, and a replacement of the order free of charge.

Because your order has not been delivered and 14 days have passed we would have been delighted to offer you a full refund and a free replacement of your original order.

However in this instance you have already concluded our services with you by submitting feedback, and therefore finalizing the transaction.

If you had informed us your order had not arrived we would have been delighted to assist you.

We are sincerely sorry the USPS lost your order, and that you did not contact us to let us know

Best regards,

Mandy Latchu

PS: If you would like to remove the feedback and reinstate the transaction we would be more than happy to refund you for the order and send you a replacement for your lost order.

Update (3/5/2014): after a few more emails, EarthCare has finally refunded my order, unconditionally.

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